VP9 and H265 4K playback

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Are there any boards supported by CoreELEC that will playback both VP9 and H265 4K video? I have an Odroid-C2 that plays H265 fine, but does not handle VP9 4K very well (as expected) and I’m looking to upgrade for VP9 support.

The Odroid-N2Plus and the Odroid-C4 are both good option if you want to play VP9 files, since they are both able to handle h265 and vp9 files at 4k, in fact they can do it up to 8k30fps(the hdmi output is however only 4k).

If you have HDR content, but don’t have an HDR capable TV then the Odroid-C4 maybe the better choice, since the C4 is a little better at converting HDR to SDR. If you plan to use netflix or other streaming service that does not work well with the hardware decoding, or that use AV1 encoding. The n the N2Plus would be a better choice. Since it is able to software decode 1080p content easily, and stay relatively cool while doing so.

Thanks for the information, I’ll check them both out. And also, Thank You Very Much for all the work the CoreELEC team does, it is very much appreciated!

Note that HDR doesn’t work with VP9 files on CoreELEC.

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