VPN Issue under CoreELEC and not Windows

Hi - I use a VPN to be able to watch NHL.tv, and I’m having an issue with my N2 that is not present on my test Windows machine.

I am using VPN Manager on both machines to manage my VPN connection to NordVPN, and am able to connect fine on both machines. The issue arises when I am connected to the VPN and try to navigate to the NHL.tv game listings in the NHL.tv addon for kodi.

On my windows machine, I can navigate to the games listings and play a game without any issue while the VPN is on. However, on my N2, with the VPN on, the NHL.tv addon throws an error when trying to access the game listings, and will not let me go any farther. When the VPN is off, I can navigate to the game listing without issue (although I can’t play anything since the VPN isn’t on).

Here is a log of the error on my N2:


Here is a log of the same action (and the game playing successfully) on my Windows machine:


I don’t know if this is a VPN issue, Kodi issue, CoreELEC issue, or NHL.tv addon issue, so hopefully I put this is in the right section, and the solution is something obvious that I’m missing.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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