Wake on LAN on Android TV Box with CoreElec?

Hello People,

does anyone know if it is possible to Boot Android Box X96 Max Plus from Wake On LAN?
The Original IR-Remote does react really notchy, i now use Yatsy for Controlling CoreElec, but the Wake Up does not react with Yatsy.
I did implement the bl301 and make a remotewakeup File for it, but what I need is Wake on LAN.

Any Suggestions if the Android Boxes itself support this? Or any recommendations for a Wireless remote with "Stop, Play-Pause, Skip and Fastforward Keys which don’t use much battery when not used? Reading that in the MX3 or although other Remotes the Batterys are empty in about 3-8 Weeks without heavy usage.



I just now looked at bootloader code and there is support for wake on lan but I believe manufacturer must implement that feature on hardware level itself.

Ok, thats bad, i hoped i could let the Remote in the cabinet and use Yatsi for all.

I use HK1 BOX. It also uses the S905X3 like your X96 Max Plus. After I inject bl301 and enable Wake On Lan, the wake up option of the Kore app does not work. But some other applications with WOL like PingTools (https://www.pingtools.org/) or Asus Router (need a Asus router) can wake up my box. You can try some other apps with WOL, maybe they will work.

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