Wake On Lan (WOL) Not Working

Hi all been trying to get the WOL in CoreELEC kodi to work but no joy so i went onto kodi forums and there seems to be a problem with the WOL Feature which they fixed for kodi for windows so was told to post here just in case you needed to look into it as it just does not work.

link to the problem.

[Windows] Fix Discovery of MAC Address by CrystalP · Pull Request #25111 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

link to kodi about it
[RELEASE] Advanced Wake On Lan (WOL) Addon - Wake up a remote computer/server (kodi.tv)

hope this can be fixed as i have no way of waking my windows server from CoreELEC


Same problem here, worked on CE-NG but does not work on NO

Setting “try to wake up remote servers” does nothing but results in error “mac address lookup failed”

The server needs to be on before you run it which I have done and it creates a wakeonlan.xml file and has all my Mac and ip address settings in there. But when the server is now off and I power on the box kodi ignores it and does not wake anything even though it’s created a file with the server network location.

And a working WOL as it seems broken

This now seems to be working not sure if it was fixed in the nightly build. But now wakes the server

Solved it by installing Advanced WOL NG from kodinerds repo
This add-on has a config to manually enter MAC and IP, problem solved.

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