Hi there, I just wanted to ask if someone here uses the add-on watchnixtoons2? Since the last update of CoreELEC the app will not play any video. With 9.0.2 it is working just fine. Could someone please look into this? The add-on’s Creator said it should be something that CoreELEC changed. I don’t know where to look…
Sticking with 9.0.2 for the time being!

Is this legal?

Yes, addon is not blacklisted, nor is its repository.

Try the latest nightly in fresh install on a separate media and check if still doesn’t work.
Then go back to 9.0.2 and check if it still works.

@JulGer, did you see this from 9h ago?

Yes. I got the update and tried 9.0.3 after that. Still no luck. So back to 9.0.2. Would be nice to get another one to test it. Perhaps it collides with some other add-on.

A fresh install helps to find out…

Tried a fresh install with 9.0.3 some days ago. That didn’t work. Tried with watchnixtoons2 installed only. No luck. There even isn’t any error message. It just shows the busy animation and then nothing, back to the list. And like I said with 9.0.2 everything works like a charm. Even the latest update.