WeTek Air support plans?

This sbc looks awesome! Had a look at the specs and quick look into videos, wtf… So many features and stuff you can do! I think it’s overpowered for me usecase…but I want to have it now :smiley:
So this setup of yours works out of the box with CoreElec?
Which model is this? Do you think the lite model could handle these 2 dbv-s2 tuner boards well in terms of processing power and all?

which SoC does this have? Can it decode hevc content?

You already got me hooked :smiley:
I consider buying this. On gearbest the tuner board is on sale for € 15,60!
What do you think, good price right?
But nowhere is the lite version, only base, pro and max. Maybe I’ll just go with the base one.

This was a KVIM2 with 2 tuner boards, not the cheapest option.

I can second that suggestion.
There is also a dual tuner model available from the same company.

I use the 4 tuner model, and also a 4 tuner HDHomerun for terrestrial, with a Tanix Tx3 mini managing the tuners and made available over the LAN to client devices at TVs, as well as PCs, Laptops, phones and tablets etc.

I use another Tanix for one client and a NUC for another and a R-Pi for a third, as well as an Android box with Kodi installed.
In addition it is able to manage providing a channel over internet when required.

The tuner devices are the only costly part of the whole set up … the Tanix is less than $40 each.

That’s actually a really good suggestion by @JohnBoyz that you could do, if you want to use more than 1 tuner you are going to have to put your hand in your pocket otherwise the cheap option would be a Mecool box.

Thx for the recommendation but I already have a similar setup. I have a AX HD51 4-k receiver with 2 tuners and a S905X box.
I just got the dvb-s2 receiver because I got it very cheap.
But yeah, I’d like one smaller device with both functionality of the 2 above.
I think I can sell the receiver for like 140 € and the box for at least 30 €.
So that would be my budget.

Khadas Vim 2 /w the 2 tuner boards looks good to me, just noticed every board needs external power supply? So in total 3 electric sockets… Is there some special psu with 3 lines to boards an vim2 itself, so I just need one socket?

You can split power supply for both board or solder wires to connect one to another. For testing use 2 power supply was fastest solution.

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IIRC the Wetek Air has a locked bootloader so you can’t install anything but their original Android. No idea why they went this way cause Wetek already sponsors LibreELEC and codesnake was always the one supporting WeTek Devices.


Did I get it right that on the pics here the board is turned upside down?..I mean if you say the top is where the soc is.

So gpio pins are upside down. That’s how the second tuner board is connected.
But what about the 5V Output pogo pins?.. I don’t get why they are needed anyways. It’s not for power supply right? what are they needed for?

Does it get hot? Do you use heatsink+fan?
or @anon88919003 … idk whose setup it is.

I recommend the SAT > IP as well. The VIM2 dtV board mounted as a piggy back for two tuners is going to be a fiddle to set up and without a decent case its going to be vulnerable to damage - it also needs a good cooling option to run reliably which makes the piggy backed tuner approach even more of a fath. Its not the best tuner to boot. With the SAT > IP you get more flexibility as you can use it when you upgrade your base box.
I have the VIM2 with dTV card and it has worked just fine for me, but I also went for the Telestar DIGIBIT Twin to expand my sat compliment. The Telestar works with TVheadend without any special setup and both tuners are accessible within Tvheadend. A decent S905D box coupled to the Telestar is going to cost about the same as WeTek Air.


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I could bet that it gets too hot :smiley:
I’d certainly also buy the heatsink and fan.
The whole idea was to cut out the “big” dbv-s2 receiver box and just have one small kodi box.
I have this receiver: https://www.amazon.de/AX-4K-BOX-2160p-2xDVB-S2-Receiver/dp/B01G461NTU
Got it new for € 70,- :smile:
I don’t think it has SAT > IP. It can run Kodi but last I checked I had problems like hevc playback etc…
On the box itself I tried different Images based on OpenPli like OpenATV but I wasn’t very happy with them: I put some time in it to set everything up, backed up image, backed up configs only to find out later that after an update it wouldn’t boot anymore. New flash and restore configs also ended in unbootable box.
Before the update there was even a prompt saying: “Old version detected, manual clean flash recommended” lol :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Started over with another OpenPli based Image, after setting everything up again, I got a python error and now cannot reboot anymore, just can restart the Gui.
Can’t say much good about these enigma2/OpenPli/Open… Images.

But yeah, I guess I’ll keep my current setup for now. I got the S905x box for € 17,-. With your great work and CoreElec on it I can safely say that this is the electronic device with the most value for the money I own! It’s crazy how important good, dedicated software is.

Ok ok, this is getting very off topic, sry guys. I just have one last question:
Currently I use this Enigma2 plugin to get my channels to my S905X box.
Problem is, if the receiver isn’t running on Kodi start, the plugin throws an error and can’t find the channels.
Restarting plugin doesn’t help. … I don’t wanna have the receiver runnnig all the time.

So the question: What is the recommended way for live tv if you have Kodi and such a receiver? Or better said what would you guys recommend?
Have such a tvheadend server run on the receiver and on Kodi have some tvheadend client addon?
I never used tvheadend, after a quick research I decided that using the enigma2 addon is the easier way, since the receiver already runs open webif where you already can stream tv channels.

@Shoog I just saw now, that you didn’t mention a receiver, it is such SAT > IP server/converter and also smaller than my receiver. That certainly is an option :slight_smile:

I would try running tvheadend on the HD51 (if the tuners are not presently Sat>IP compatible - are you certain?), as this can create Sat>IP outputs from attached tuners.
Then the HD51 can be placed anywhere (out of the way) and the Sat>IP tuners used on a client machine.

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Did a quick research. No, tuners are not sat>ip compatible.
You’re right I’ll do that. Any kodi client addon you can recommend?

Client addon for what? Not sure what you mean.

There is a Kodi (services) tvheadend server addon which works well.

For client machines there is a Kodi Tvheadend HTSP Client (PVR Client) addon which integrates perfectly.

The set up to make the tuners available as Sat>IP is within the Tvheadend Server settings.

To watch live tv in kodi.
Tvheadend server will be the dvb-s2 receiver, yes.

Ok, I’ll try Tvheadend HTSP Client (PVR Client) addon.
Just asking, because I didn’t like the enigma2/vu+ addon. And there are different ones like PVR IPTV Simple Client.

Essentially they are a matched pair … Tvheadend PVR Server and Tvheadend PVR Client.

If you have not used Tvheadend Server previously then be prepared for a learning curve.
It is mind-boggling in its available options at first, but excellent that almost anything you might wish to do, can be done.

:joy: I have never used it, I think because I once looked into it quickly and thought it’s too complicated for me.
But I’m confident I’m gonna work it out :+1:

Nowdays TVheadend setup is almost entirely Wizard driven through the web-interface so is a piece of cake to get going. Messing with the default options is risky so leave well alone unless you have to

I cannot make out if OpenVix supports TVHeadend though, I suspect it doesn’t so .you would have to look for a different option for your HD51. I saw mention of a SAT>IP server which could be installed through Entware, but it was in German so I couldn’t see if it was a viable option.


German is my mother tongue (English isn’t, you probably noticed that already :smile: ).
I never head of OpenVix… there are so many Open images out there, as of my understanding, pretty much all are based on OpenPli, and OpenPli is based on…enigma2?..which started on dreambox receivers?..at least I think so.
Right now I use PurE2 Image just because it has an Estuary like skin, I like that.

Concerning tvheadend server: I’m sure I can find it in some feed or get install it via entware, like you mentioned… If I understood correctly, tvheadend already has some sort of Sat>IP server included…maybe this minisatip?.. Gotta do more research on this.