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Hello there,

Firstly I understand that the latest version of CoreELEC isn’t available for the box I currently use and also the reason why.

I have been searching the web a bit this morning, but can’t seems to find a branch of CoreELEC or similar or an alternative project for those soc.

Would welcome any suggestion should there be any - and hopefully this is not against any rules.

Thank you

CE 9.2.6 (not -ng) is one possibility, or you could try LibreELEC, another well known fork of OpenELEC.

Here is our code:

Basically it could work on the Wetek Hub too but the kernel 4.9 https://github.com/CoreELEC/linux-amlogic
Is no longer compatible with the SoC (gxbb). It should be possible to port the pinctrl and the dtb’s to this Kernel and we would welcome if someone in the community wants to do it. Currently we don’t have the resources and also no motivation cause we all use more recent TV boxes, sorry.

@Ray 9.2.6 generic (non ng) is still kernel 3.14 right? Or did I misread that?

Yes. This is the only stopper for S905 (gxbb). S912 (gxm) is supported by the kernel but it doesn’t have mali libs and worked only with a hack.

Thanks @Ray.

You are welcome. Btw. if you have any more questions you can ping me in slack.

Will do once I get slack back running on my workstation.

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