Wetek Play 2 DVB tools not working in CoreElec


I have a rather weird problem. Couple days ago i installed the addon DVB-TOOLS, to play around with.

I ran dvbsnoop and it was working i was able to view EIT information etc.

I tried again today however, it doesn’t want to work anymore. It appears that the information is just blank. Then i went into tvheadend and started seeing errors like

failed to config dmx for pid xxx [e=Operation not permitted]

The only thing was different from before when it worked to now when it is not working is the installation of the system tools addon.

I know it sounds a bit vague but there is hardly anything else that my lack of knowledge can see. I have since factory reset and installed the latest “stable” image. The last image that was working for me was the 311218 nightly.

I have been reading around that it might be a kernel issue, but i don’t know if some addons have updated themselves or something.

as of yet both tvheadend (has errors) and dvsnoop is not giving any data, although i can tune into channels.

Does anyone have that nightly image so i can test? maybe report back


Take a look at this nightly archive for older builds:


Thanks. Just tried it, doesn’t seem to be working. Can someone tell me if DVBSnoop or any other scanning utlitlites are suppose to work with amlogic devices


Okay, so I have tried it on libreelec, after tvheadend lets go of its lock, it works fine in liberelec. There is something up with it on coreelec, I don’t know to determine what the issue is. I would really like to use coreelec because i think it is better supported on AMLOGIC devices.

Can some one please tell me what it is that they require so I can provide the correct information. I think the drivers may be slightly different, but I wouldn’t know where to begin.


Here is a dmesg from libre



THX for log, but for me is more important log from CoreELEC. DVB-T have to run in kernel drivers. In crazycat and dvb-latest driver for DVB-T is broken. Today I sent fix. You can try next nightlies.


Thanks I will give it a shot tomorrow after the nightly is built. If it means anything, I am actually trying to use DVB-C adapter.


Just checked still got the same problem:



Pls, reboot your box and immediately submit dmesg | paste. I have to see how the driver started. Your log starting from > 20sec, I can’t see anything important. Try to used dvb-latest driver addons.