Wetek Play 2 DVB tools not working in CoreElec

I have a rather weird problem. Couple days ago i installed the addon DVB-TOOLS, to play around with.

I ran dvbsnoop and it was working i was able to view EIT information etc.

I tried again today however, it doesn’t want to work anymore. It appears that the information is just blank. Then i went into tvheadend and started seeing errors like

failed to config dmx for pid xxx [e=Operation not permitted]

The only thing was different from before when it worked to now when it is not working is the installation of the system tools addon.

I know it sounds a bit vague but there is hardly anything else that my lack of knowledge can see. I have since factory reset and installed the latest “stable” image. The last image that was working for me was the 311218 nightly.

I have been reading around that it might be a kernel issue, but i don’t know if some addons have updated themselves or something.

as of yet both tvheadend (has errors) and dvsnoop is not giving any data, although i can tune into channels.

Does anyone have that nightly image so i can test? maybe report back

Take a look at this nightly archive for older builds:

Thanks. Just tried it, doesn’t seem to be working. Can someone tell me if DVBSnoop or any other scanning utlitlites are suppose to work with amlogic devices

Okay, so I have tried it on libreelec, after tvheadend lets go of its lock, it works fine in liberelec. There is something up with it on coreelec, I don’t know to determine what the issue is. I would really like to use coreelec because i think it is better supported on AMLOGIC devices.

Can some one please tell me what it is that they require so I can provide the correct information. I think the drivers may be slightly different, but I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Here is a dmesg from libre


THX for log, but for me is more important log from CoreELEC. DVB-T have to run in kernel drivers. In crazycat and dvb-latest driver for DVB-T is broken. Today I sent fix. You can try next nightlies.

Thanks I will give it a shot tomorrow after the nightly is built. If it means anything, I am actually trying to use DVB-C adapter.

Just checked still got the same problem:


Pls, reboot your box and immediately submit dmesg | paste. I have to see how the driver started. Your log starting from > 20sec, I can’t see anything important. Try to used dvb-latest driver addons.

Hope this is better:

http://ix.io/1yxp original condition (with DVB drivers loaded)

http://ix.io/1yxn (with “dvb drivers from latest kernel”) - This one doesn’t even load the adapter tvh and dvbsnoop cant see it.

http://ix.io/1yxo (with “dvb drivers from latest kernel (media_build)”) - This one doesn’t even load the adapter tvh and dvbsnoop cant see it.


THX for logs. There is a bug in i2c adapter detection for WP2. I fixed it and pushed to github. Pls test next nightlies. BTW driver in “CoreELEC default addons” have to run. Pls, check it.

Thanks very much for all your efforts. Unfortunately, it is still not working. I am using the Coreelec default and I have not enabled any additional dvb drivers, only the “CoreELEC Module Drivers”

see attached log for the 170119 Nightly log: http://ix.io/1yAb

You need the 190119 nightly, as the changes were pushed yesterday.

Ah sorry, I thought it was already in as the change log at the bottom of the page showed:

Changelog (20190117)

What do you mean under “not working”? In log you can see the dvb driver was succesfully detected and attached. Do you see it in tvheadend? Or try to submit command ls /dev/dvb/adapter0 if you see frontend0.

Hi, when i say it is not working, I mean that its not fully functional. I can only compare it against something I know is working. I run dvbsnoop to see if EPG is being populated correctly and read SDT and NIT tables. As it stands, I am unable to do that, the EIT tables show corrupted data no usable information. Probably best to compare what a working one should look like against what a non working one looks like.

snoop.log (55.0 KB)

This is what I am getting when i run it using coreelec:


dvb-tools are unsupported for internal dvb drivers, only mumudvb is running.

It is probably my own lack of understanding about the linux dvb that I am asking this question. If it is unsupported , perhaps they are also unsupported in libreelec and I am just unaware, the behaviour of the drivers on LE side is giving me the expected result, which I use to them generate channel numbers, tags etc.

In my simplistic view, is it not possible to use the LE drivers?

No, it is impossible. In LE is propretary driver precompiled for different kernel. In driver is broken DMX_SECTION_FILTERING. Tvheadend doesn’t use this filtering.

Okay thank you for clarifying. So I’ll ask the most basic question and hopefully someone can answer it.

All I want to do from this whole thing is to be able to to get a filtered SDT table and and filtered NIT table. Is there any other way I can obtain this but not via dvbtools?

Just the hex output of the nit sdt which I can then parse to create channel numbers and tags, as it is not available in the conventional method?