What a difference a good air mouse makes

I’ve always used a logitech keyboard w/track pad with my n2,but it started to be a pain at times and I stopped using my n2 for a while,my m8 told me to try buzztv arq -100 air mouse,its built to use with there iptv boxes but it’s got a usb infra red dongle,so it even works on my nvidia sheild,this is a great remote for the n2,it has back light keyboard on 1 side and normal tv remote on the other side with mouse Button control,the n2 is now a joy to use,it even feels faster with the remote instead of using keyboard keys

There has been a slew of these kind of remotes available for quite a while now.

Mine cost me less than a tenner and works fine.

Ye I know they have,ive seen a few on amazon quite cheap,but never bothered as I didn’t think they would work very well,but I’m sure theres ones jst as good as this one,maybe even cheaper,my main point was jst what a diffrence it is,feels more like a android box

I must say I hate using a mouse, air or not, with Kodi ever since I can remember. The android box feel is not what we’re aiming for so it’s a downer, at least for me… But as long as you’re happy, we’re happy.

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I was using a logitech keyboard /track pad,but it was clumsy navigation the ui,with the remote it feels more natural and faster so it’s a big improvement

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