What chip to look for

Hey guys, about 2+yrs ago I came here, figured out what to get and bought a Beelink GT1 Ultimate, which has worked perfectly until this week.

Screen comes up, but green only and distorted aspect ratio/resolution, or just now the TV came up saying no signal found mid video. Last I had green screens was a video card on my pc went kaput.

I came here to see what chipset I needed but can’t find it. Use to be on the main page, Amlogic S912… No problem.

What am I looking for this time?

Hardware wise, this Beelink was perfect… Played 4k 10bit 12,000kbps DTS5.1 X265 video off my MyCloud server (all Ethernet no WiFi) without any stuttering or lag at all so, not worried about hardware, I think most new devices out-spec my old box anyways… Just need to know what chip I need for an easy install.

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