What could be the cause of SSH not working when enabled?

I’m on latest CE19.5 RC1, Odroid N2+, SSH is enabled in CoreElec settings.
Whenever I try to connect via Putty, I get a connection refused error. The IP is correct as I can connect to it via a File Explorer and browse the log files and so on.

What could be the cause of this?

Nice that you can browse your log files…

No log, no error…


Ok they are here: http://ix.io/3XY0

Something about permissions being too open?

Do you have remaped storage somehow? Like using FAT partition.

Not to my knowledge. A FAT partition on the ODROID?

Then something happen on it’s own.

You can try to delete folder /storage/.cache/ssh by using Kodi’s filemanager and reboot.

Did you enable only allow private key login in CE’s SSH settings? In that case logiing without private key will be refused, and there won’t be interactive password login prompt.

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