What does this error mean?

Hi all,

Odroid N2,

I’m noticing this error appearing in the log file regularly:

ERROR: DoWork - Direct texture file loading failed for resource://resource.images.studios.white/AXN España.png

Can anyone tell me what it means and how I might fix it?


Do you have that .png on your system?

The skin you are using is looking for an image it can find.

I believe that resource is the add-on Studio Icons - White
The add-on can be found in add-ons, look and feel, Image collections. Make sure it’s installed.

If it is installed then most likely the add-on just doesn’t have an icon for AXN España

I believe that resource is the add-on Studio Icons - White

I think you are correct and the add-on is installed.
The add-on users a Textures.XBT file that contains an axn.png but no AXN España.png file. I have no idea why any add-on would be looking for this file, so is there a way of finding out what is ‘looking’ for this file?


AXN España is a Spanish subscription TV service operated by Sony, so I’m guessing something in your library is produced / hosted by them and has the studio metadata set to AXN España hence why Kodi is trying to display a logo for them.

The add-on is just an image resource so Kodi can display studio logos in skins and it just so happen that that particular logo doesn’t exist. I really wouldn’t worry about the error.

Exactly correct. Found the offending series and changed the studio to the correct one. Thank you.

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