What does this mean in my Kodi Log?

Hi all,

I’m getting this in my kodi.log file several times a day. At first I thought it was Kodi Restarting but that usually creates a new log file and that is not happening. Also, it seems to happen at the same times. eg: 21:30 each day.



I’ve never really noticed this before but the same stuff appears in my log upon every reboot.

The only oddity in mine is that the date and time are shown as 2015-01-01 00:01:02 but I’m guessing that this is because at this particular moment in the boot process,network connectivity has not yet been initiated in order to validate the current date and time.

It’s not something that seems to affect functionality though, although I’ve never seen it repeated in the same log.

When you do initiate a manual reboot, does it create a new log and rename the previous one to kodi.old.log?

Yes, a new log is created at reboot and a Kodi restart.

No one else getting this in there log a couple of times a day at the same times?

Be patient and allow time for more people to read the thread.

It might also be useful to post a complete log to see if there is anything that others may spot that could enlighten things.

Here it is.