What is correctly path to m3u playlist file?

I´m sorry for my question.

I´m instaled CoreElec to SD-card.
I create a m3u playlist file on /storage/iptv.m3u

what is correctly path to my m3u playlist file???

file:///storage/iptv.m3u ???
(It don´t work by me…)

If I give a externe http adres, TVHeadend work correktly…

What is my mistake?

This playliste work fine with IPTV Simple PVR Client!!!

Wy don´t work with TVHeadend???
No scan, no mukes…

What is my mistake???

I use file m3u on tvheadend for recordings
But i have this path file:///storage/.kodi/iptv.m3u

Enable the tvh webif log window, and see what is the problems.

Path file:///storage/.kodi/iptv.m3u don´t work…

If I click on “Force scan”: Muxes “0”…
No errors in logfile…

As suggested by kampfader, the webif log window should definitely output something. I just tried it on my installation and this is what I get if I mis-spell the filename

2019-05-09 18:21:15.744 iptv: unable to open file '/storage/.config/rascal.m4u': No such file or directory

When I succesfully load a file the output in webif log window is something like this

2019-05-09 18:21:49.605 iptv: m3u parse: 176 new mux(es) in network 'test' (total 176)

The file path format is “file:///storage/.config/rascal.m3u”. You are adding it as IPTV Automatic Network?

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Maybe this settings would be helpful https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/9354-tvheadend-not-loading-m3u-file/?postID=57219#post57219

I have a problem with tvheadend and IPTV, on the selection menu of IPTV try maximum number of streams to 1.

Works for me …

Hope it helps