What option do I select in android boot menu?

I have a Droidx3 box and have burned an S905x image to an SDCard - I can inly get to the android boot menu without the card in place… So I boot to the Android boot menu by the toothpick method, then push in the SDCard but what option do I select in the boot menu?
I’ve tried reboot system now and reboot to bootloader but they dont seem to work, I wonder if it should be apply update from EXT?

put the sd card in slot
in android download app “reboot to libreelec” and run it

Did you power the box on with the toothpick pressed and the SD Card already inserted?

Thanks- did that but its not solved my problem. I now get the DroiX splash screen but it does not boot to the SDCard, just sits on this screen. I think I have my SDCard formatted correctly,it shows up as a 512Meg partition. I copied over the sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit DTB and renamed it to dtb.img, is itmaybe just a case of trying the different device trees till one works?

Is your device an S905x or an S905x3?


Its an S905x3, just found that if I select sm1_s905x3_4g it boots fine but wont boot with
sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit. I assume the 1Gbit is for the network card, I want the 1gb network card to work as I have a 900mbit Internet connection. Is there a way to tell, if I boot the sm1_s905x3_4g image what network speed Im connecting at?

Test with iperf.


Search Kodi repo for “Speedtester”, or download this file and use “Install from zip file”. It’s an addon to test internet speed and returns about 80% correct results.

I SSH’d in and can see its only connecting at 100meg - I think I should open a new thread as the original non boot is now solved. Thank you very much for the assistance so far!

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Out of curiosity, does it perform at Gb rates in android?

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