What size microSD card?


Been a CoreElec user for some time now but this is first post as either this great piece of software has either just worked or I have been able to figure it out through available resources.

I am getting ready to do a new install and have been trying to find info on what size SD card is appropriate. Not looking to go for the smallest, but also want to ensure I have ample space but yet not waste a bunch by getting like a 256GB card.

Is all of the cover art and whatnot stored on the SD card?

As an FYI, I am only using Coreelec with Emby for Kodi Sync Add-on to serve up media from my Emby server.

Thanks for any assistance and for this great piece of technology


Depends on your library, you can always use EmbyCon addon to fetch your content on demand instead of sync them to the local kodi database.

I recommend an SSD (hard drive + USB 3.x adapter), they are fast, they are cheap, and you can choose the capacity you want. If the TV Box only has USB 2.0 ports, then the access speed will be limited to about 35 MB/s.

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Thanks for the comments.

No issue buying a large enough card to hold everything that is synced and preference would be to go that route as I find, personal opinion, it is a better experience.

Had never thought of using an external SSD for this. Box has USB 3.0 so all good there. Is everything stored on the SSD or do you still required a card for booting?

Thanks again

Instructions for installing to an external SSD (last post)