What version would i use for a Skystream 3 2gb/16gb Android tv box

I apologize everyone. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a little while now. But if no one has Done it before how would I start to investigate the internals of my Android TV box to see which version of correlec would be suitable. Also just to be clear the goal is to install Kodi via coreelec on the box.


which version do i choose for my box as its not listed

See in the specification of your BOX device what is the type of processor, e.g.
Amlogic S905X3 processor or S905X4
more on how to install CoreElec and what files to use regarding memory size and ethernet speed on Box you can find in wiki CoreElec and on the front page of the CoreElec website

Okay after much digging and a little help from cpu-z. I think I have come up with this is an exact clone of the X 96 box It has an amlogic U211 with 2 GB of RAM so it should be S95x. I’m about to test this theory and I will update

well that didnt work i dont know what im doing wrong

Your Box (a branded version of famous H96 Max) most likely has a S905x2 CPU.
Checking coreelec:devgeneric [CoreELEC Wiki], you should be able to use Generic CE20-ng.
Don’t forget to put the right DTB in place

so i got it to work with the s905x2 but i dont have wifi… any ideas? also i couldnt find the ce20-ng

Releases can be loaded from GH: Releases · CoreELEC/CoreELEC · GitHub
The latest CE20.1-ng:

Regarding wifi, it’s a hit & miss, since your box is a famous H96 Max, using whatever chip they can find on spot market.Checkout the forum on that issue…

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