Which affordable S905X3 box?

I am considering the Tanix TX3. The 4gb/32 is just under £30 and has 2.4g/5g WiFi and Bluetooth, but the biggest draw for me is the case size and ventilation as i think it will make modification easier. There is a thread here with some info on this box and i appears to run CoreElec ok.

Also a review here showing the box opened and the space inside to upgrade the heatsinks.

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That is not a small case.
It’s an old case used on various older boxes.
Vent holes on the sides.

Yes, i was thinking more space more ventilation and room for some mods.

A95X F3 currently does not have a bluetooth driver, but AdamG is on it.
I just ran a test. In my completely uncontrolled environment, at full cpu load it hit 70C, so with some gpu loading, it will certainly throttle.
I’ll crack it open and see how bad the heatsink is. I’ll post results in the thermal mods thread.

If you don’t mind the look, on the X96 Max Plus you can easily cut out all the drilled areas at the bottom and make some holes on the top in the heatsink area, so a fairly efficient natural air circulation will form and not you will have problems with overheating. Probably on the X96 Air, but I don’t know what the case looks like except from the pictures, I didn’t have this box in my hand.
If you do not want to affect the case, a 10 cm and 12V fan powered by a USB port, fastened with elastic. I use it like this and the temperature doesn’t even reach 50 degrees.

If you can just confirm you have the A95X F3 Air
I’m curious as there is an A95X F3 as well that i saw for sale.
Note the Ram eMCP.

I have the F3 Air. WTF is a 32 bit eMCP? Is that the going rate for a Microsoft Certified Professional?

I have no idea what it is ?

I asked the Devs in Team CE and they threatened to hit me with a Baseball Bat for finding it.

That means stay away from it.

Ah, Google knows what it is. Agreed- stay away. The F3 Air is standard config, just a slightly unusual radio chip.

See if it’s the same inside as this review

Update : Encrypted Bootloader

eMCP is a packaging technology with both DRAM and eMMC in the same chip package


Since the DRAM and eMMC signals are all brought out through the package, performance should be the same as if they were in separate packages and the PCB can be smaller

Here’s another [
![2019*VONTAR TV Box Android 9.0 4GB RAM 64GB]

2019*VONTAR TV Box Android 9.0 4GB RAM 64GB

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Yeah tongue is firmly in cheek. Can you imagine being asked to produce and ship a media player with recent chipset half way around the world for £12 .Where would you start cutting corners,I would be looking for £12 just to draw a picture of one

Not even this for that price.

Curiosity got the better of me ordered one.20 mins later Paypal email saying shipped with a Singapore post tracking number.Now the long wait…

I am thinking of tanix tx3.I think only 2/16 version doesn’t have Bluetooth.

I got my TX3 4/32 version but i just can’t get CE to boot on it. No matter which generic DTB I use and not from USB nor SD card. I managed to flash ATV from SlimBox which works kinda ok with Android Kodi but I was hoping to use it with CE or dual boot.

Other people here said it worked for them but somehow doesn’t for me.

I think you need the ng version. (perhaps you used these)

I assume you pressed the reset switch when booting.

I did use the NG version but I didn’t do the reset button press… It’s the way to do this now? How did I miss this…

So just get CE on USB and then reboot while holding the reset switch?