Which Amlogic devices support internal install?

My first experiences with LE an CE were with Minix M8s(S905) and recently Tanix TX9s (S912). I was always installing system to internal memory. Booting from SD/USB was annoying and buggy IMO . Player was working slower and one slot was always busy…

Does any newer Amlogic hardware support officially install to internal feature?
I’am interested mainly in:

  • S905X2
  • S905X3
  • S922X

Officially only devices of the hardware supporters. Mainly Khadas Vim3(L), Minix and Beelink.

The official way to go is the ceemmc tool. More Infos here: How to use the Team CoreELEC ceemmc tool

Unofficially, almost every next-gen device out there. You need the -x switch.

Worked flawlessly in dual boot mode (CoreElec and Android on emmc) with my Bqeel Y8 max, which is discontinued.

Thank you for all answers. I ve seen this topis, but I thought that it is no longer valid.

Is there any knows specific Beelink models which works with CE and supports install to internal?
I am not interested in dual boot. For my requirements Android is useless.

Have a look at odroid N2+ or C4
This devices are full supported

Works fine with GT-King, GT1 mini 2 and GT mini

Successfully installed to internal on NexBox (A95X) and TaNiX (TX3, TX5) devices.

I am currently running Coreelec 9.7 on a X96 Air from the internal eMMC. The “-x” parameter was needed to flash it to eMMC.

Works great on my old beelink mini mx, it’s running an emby server most of the time but coreelec is fine in fact very stable on emmc.

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