Which box can receive DVB-S2 and CoreELEC 20.5-Nexus?

Hello everyone,
What box with the ability to receive DVB-S2 (maybe even with DVB-T2) do you recommend so that the latest version of Coreelec can be installed on it. So far I have been using K1plus (S905) but unfortunately the last version that can be installed on it is CoreELEC 9.2.8 :frowning:

Maybe Dreambox one or two ? S922 AML… Same soc like GT King pro ?

I think that the best option right now for a decent local IPTV server is to get an E2 receiver with FBC (Full-Band Capture) tuners and an Unicable LNB.

With a FBC tuner you can tune up to 8 transponders at the same time, which means, a lot of channels for watching and recording.

Unfortunately I can’t find external (USB) FBC tuners.

Integrated DVB is EOL. Split the hardware is more future proof:

Every type of client can be used then in network with only one receiver.

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