Which build for Tox 3 box with SD Card install?

Dear Colleagues,

I have a Tox 3 Box (s905x4 chipset) and wish to install Core Elec via SD Card (the box already has slim-box OS on its eMMC )

The Tox Box has a micro-sd card slot which is what I will be using.
There are so many builds of core-elec, that I don’t know where to start.
Please can you help with the following:

  1. Can you recommend or provide a link to a specific build that fully works with this box when booting from micro-sd card?
  2. Do I use Rufus or Amlogic Burn Card Maker to burn the image on to the card?.
  3. To boot in to core-elec, is it pressing the reset button whilst powering up?.
  4. After booting from Corelec from the SD card, can I then dual boot in to Core-elec from Slimbox OS? ( meaning will the SD card show up on slim-box in the eMMC, which I can then boot ).
  5. Can I install core-elec together with Slim-box on the eMMC and dual boot together?
    ( similar to installing linix and windows in a laptop and dual booting).


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