Which Build to Download

I have a Beelink GT1 Ultimate that’s acting up so figured format the SDCard and start over in case a software issue.

Looking at the Stable, and Beelink listed but no Ultimate. GT1 mini, and GT1 mini2, and a few other variants, but not GT1 Ultimate.

Which do I download?


If your device has an amlogic S912 processor it is no longer supported and I recommend CoreELEC 9.2.5 for generic S912 processor

This one?


I use to use a file from LibreElec… gxm_q201_3g.dtb … for the dtb.img file. I don’t see one in the device tree on the image file (if I grabbed the right one).

This is the last stable image for S912:
You have to always be sure not to use -ng versions with S912.
@cubimol advises 9.2.5, he maybe can explain you why, I’m not aware of any regressions introduced later.
Another thing you have to pay attention to is if your device is real 3GB RAM or fake one.

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Real 3GB… I remember having to check that when I bought it. It’s a Beelink, I don’t think they ‘fake’ stuff unlike no-name brands off eBay and AliExpress.

So far so good… Needed the file that ended with 1gbit instead though because otherwise no Ethernet.

Also took the Beelink apart, thermal paste/pads were dried up and breaking apart so replaced with some new thermal paste, even under the metal shield. Issues mainly started when weather got hot here in Canada.

Kept a copy of the files on my system for the future since no longer supported. I have 2 identical Beelink boxes, be nice to keep them running another 2yrs.

I also updated the Beelink… I updated it 2yrs ago, installed coreelec and literally never looked at the original android os again. :slight_smile:

Just watching the movies scrape now.

Beelink has quite the history of putting sub standards of components into their boxes.

I would not personally touch one of their boxes with a barge pole.having been bitten twice in the past.

I have three S912 devices from different manufacturers with CoreELEC OS, for a long time CE works very well, however the latest firmware has given me many headaches (CE 9.2.7: kodi stops booting and presents a black screen, CE 9.2.7-9.2.6: the kodi player locks the device while we are watching TV), the three devices have the same configuration (some are at home and others are very far from the server) and the problems appear one by one, on one device at a time, going back in time I recommend the version 9.2.5 because it is the latest one that works perfectly fine on all my S912 devices.

Weird… when I was looking initially for a device, it had a lot of good reviews and was really the only one I could find that had a website with support on it. The rest I couldn’t find anything for, not even updates.

Well… sadly a lot of work for little reward.

Not all videos, but quite a few now, when I stop the video the TV comes up saying no signal found.

It’s as if when it’s reverting back to the menu screens refresh/resolution/etc it drops the signal to the TV. Not an HDMI issue, and when I click around I can’t hear any click noises in the speakers so not running in the background. I eventually have to pull the plug, wait a few seconds and plug back in.

Any ideas? suggestions?

Well… switched to 1920x1080p 60hz as per another thread, worked a few days but I noticed it for some reason reset itself back to 4k resolution. I’ve switched it again and after a week no issues.

I’d like to take the SD card out now that I have everything reinstalled and setup, and make an IMG file of it, so instead of downloading the IMG file from here and writing to SD then having to still setup/download/scrape… I could just write the IMG to SD, turn it on and it’ll be as it is now.

Anything special I need to do to make an IMG file so it’s bootable when written? any freeware app spring to mind?

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