Which cheap and good usb DVB-S2 tuner to buy?

Hello.I just found a nice deal for a GT King Pro to jump on the ng train.Now i need an external DVB-S2 tuner?any recommendations?

thank you.

I use the below device from TBS. It works great with the Crazycat drivers in CoreELEC.

It gives you both a DVB-S and DVB-T decoder.

thank you for the response.it looks good but a little bit pricey.and plus just a single tuner would be enough for me.but i’ll definitely keep this on my list.

any more recommendations?

The best option is the TBS5520SE mentioned above.
There is nothing so good at this price!
There must be a cheaper one.
Doubt and there is support!
If there is, I don’t know. (Say here if you can find it)

The cheapest thing to go for would be a Khadas tuner but this obviously isn’t USB and could only be used with a SBC not a generic box. There has been some work previously done with this board to use it with an Odroid N2.

£5 Xbox tuner working fine here.

Xbox tv tuner works for me

DVB-S2 tuner ?

My mistake DVB-C but no DVB-S

Xbox tuner is only DVB-T and DVB-C. There are DVB-S only USB modules out there such as the below:

However I have used neither. The TBS box I recommended above I own and use with CoreELEC without issue.

4 tuners Sat>IP £160

2 tuners Sat>IP £106

1 tuner £90

The Digibit product, although it is ethernet connected, does offer much better value for money.
In addition it does not require specific drivers to be available in the OS.

There are a few equivalent devices to the Digibit also, and a bit of searching could result in much better pricing.

Digibit works great with Tvh and Kodi :+1:

The digibit twin used to be a cheaper version but seems to have been discontinued.

The only issue that can occur with any of the cheaper USB tuners is that there can be multiple versions of the hardware with support not covering all of them. I would give them a wide birth.


Telestar DIGIBIT R1 cannot move the rotor of a satellite antenna.

Another alternative is GENIATECH Mygica HDStar DVB-S2 USB for £35.62.

does this one have coreelec support?crazycat drivers or built-in drivers are compatible to use this one with tvheadend?

Some time ago I saw that HDStar was recognized by CoreELEC amlogic-ng with crazycat drivers.

Can the Geniatech? … so not sure what point you were making, as this was not a requirement from the OP.

HDStar has at least 4 different versions, and I am not certain that all versions are supported in LinuxTV. There is a write up at the LInuxTV site where each supported tuner is discussed.


The Telestar DIGIBIT is great! I’ve spent years messing around with USB tuners and they’ve all had their quirks. The Digibit is rock solid. So reliable that if I ever had to reconfigure it again I’m not sure I’d know how.

For anyone going down the DVB-S/S2 route spend the extra money on the Telestar and be done with it.

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