Which Device Tree

This must have been asked numerous times and I have scrolled through previous threads but I can’t find the answer.
Am preparing a usb to use on a mini pc running windows 10 with 8g ram.
flashed to usb using etcher and am looking at all these device trees and I have no idea which is the one I need. I used the generic download of CoreELEC.
Could someone advise please ?

I might misunderstand, but Coreelec is meant for amlogic hardware and not for windows where a native windows version is available.

So I have got it wrong then ?
I know I can use the kodi app on windows but I , for some reason thought I could boot the PC from a USB directly into kodi. Oh well my bad , thanks for replying.

You can do so with LibreELEC instead.

Kill_Bill thanks.

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