Which DVB-S2 box for CoreELEC

Which DVB-S2 boxes are recommended for use with CoreELEC?

I had a quick look and it seemed that they did not support 1GB LAN…

As for SAT>IP, can’t I turn my Mecool KIII Pro into a SAT>IP box by running minisatip and configuring Tvheadend properly?

I think you have a KIII Pro device, that is, you only have one tuner. Can you build your own SAT> IP device? Yes, tvheadend allows this, but you will still have a single tuner. This means that all the TV clients of your home network will have to watch the same satellite and mux channels.

If you want all the TV customers in your network to be able to simultaneously tune to any TV channel, you will need to add new tuners to your KIII Pro. For KIII Pro there are two alternatives: USB tuners, and SAT> IP tuners.

Does this answer your doubt?

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Mecool KI Pro.



I agree, and there’s no alternative.

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I was wondering whether I could build my own using one of these:-


Where is the exposed PCI lane on any box ?

Sat IP is the best and cheapest option.

Is it even possible to use a USB3/PCIe card, i.e. single PCIe slot, single PCIe slot, dual PCIe slot, or dual PCIe slot, connected to a USB3 port on a CE box to drive any of the DVB-S2 Tuner PCIe Card with an external power source?

I was wondering about building my own box using a suitable motherboard, or maybe replacing the DVB-T2/S2 tuners in my Mecool KIII Pro with a twin DVB-S2 tuner such as:-


First of all, before thinking about adding new satellite tuners, look on the Internet for information about this technology and the limitations that you can have in your specific case: Installation of individual or collective antenna? Simple, double, quadruple or unicable LNB? Do you need to point to several satellites? What are the disadvantages of installing an antenna motor? What are the disadvantages of installing LNBs for multiple satellites? Can you install several coaxial cables from the LNBs to your tuners or prefer to install an intermediate switch or prefer a single coaxial cable up to the tuners and a splitter ?.

This will take a while and you will see that everything is complicated and all the solutions have many limitations because it does not work the same as terrestrial television or subscriptions to cable networks.

I still wonder who was the genius who invented the terrible DiseqC protocol at the end of the last century with obsolete solutions from birth, on which satellite technology is based and which is the origin of all problems and limitations.

That good idea but no driver open sources for dreambox tuner. Can we find open source tuner. We can add Mecool K series and Odroid N2 khadas VIM2 HW TS interface. fast zapping and dvbs2x

How is Telestar Digibit Twin recognized by TVH? It is added as a virtual tunner or adding m3u muxes as automatic iptv?
Does oscam work inside Tvh?
Is it better (faster channel switch) than a Dvbsky S960 USB tunner?

It shows up as a twin tuner on tvh. It can be a bit picky about finding it after a reboot and needs both the box and the tvtwin to be rebooted before it shows up.

You’re not kidding that everything is complicated! I’m simply in awe of what satellite technology can do. I wish I understood 1% of how it works, but I’m glad I can use it without understanding it.

One area which is a complete blank so far is Satellite Internet. I don’t know anyone who uses it or what is involved, and whether it actually works…

Is it possible to replace the DVB-S2/DVB-T2 tuner in a Mecool KIII Pro for a twin DVB-S2 tuner? What would I look for?

No we use twin tuner because we have on ts pinout mecool k series. Only can use one tuner.

Can the Odroid N2 be used with twin DVB-S2 tuners?

Yes n2 has twin ts interface.
mecool k series has ts interface but we dont know second pin out that where is on board.

Are you saying that it may be possible to use twin DVB-S2 on KIII, it’s just a matter of finding out how? Would the same twin DVB-S2 tuner be capable of connecting to either, ie is the physical connector the same?

Would S2 in https://discourse.coreelec.org/uploads/default/original/2X/e/e764661773e8679fa436c88f58c2a5933341452f.jpeg

fit either?