Odroid N2 and internal DVB tuners

that is no usb tuner. we dont talk usb tuner in here. we talk about hw demuxer for new nim dvb-s2x tuner. for open source tuner DVB-S2x. all usb tuner must be works on N2.

Product Details

Model Number: FTS-3166H/FTS-3166V-#9147

Brand Name: Serit

Origin: China (mainland)

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Chipset solution: SI2166D+RDA5815M
Remark: 16/32 APSK, DVB-S2X
RDA5815M driver

N2 + VTV board work fine for me.
I have no luck N2 with Wetek tuner. I know a little bit circuit. My N2 is smoked and burned at Q1. then usb no power no wifi no port on ethernet.

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I am really sorry. it is necessary to be very careful when combining
In fact, the connection volts are required for 1.2 volts. ams1117 has 3 leg and voltage can pick up where it can give no electronic knowledge. I think you lost 5v on board. it can be repair. Look your board and find which burned

You probably burn out NB679GD small SMD chip - 5V voltage regulator. As a workaround you can use 5V source from VTV board (group of 6 pogo pins) and connect it to pin 2 of Expansion Connector. But at first measure resitance for possible shortcut on pin 2…

There is another elegant alternative. These are SAT> IP tuners (search on amazon.de):

Telestar Digibit R1: 4 DVB-S2 tuners (Unicable support)
Telestar Digibit Twin: 2 DVB-S2 tuners (without Unicable support)

Note: These tuners do not have support for satellite antenna motor. They work very well with tvheadend server on any board or PC.

This devices dint connect amlogic transponder stream hw demuxer. We can talk hw tuner. But cheap method for network streamin. Buy https://m.tr.aliexpress.com/item/32966599268.html?pid=808_0011_0201&spm=a2g0n.search-amp.list.32966599268&aff_trace_key=11ce29e494274d7d99303bd58d959125-1557952585440-08721-UneMJZVf&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=3269amp-8g46SdvWDoHIGYgOAlOx8A1558482635449
38-41 usd. Work tvheadend with alexelec.

Mecool M8S DVB is’nt recommended device for CE. There is no linux driver for WiFi.

I think that does not matter. If the tvheadend server is asked for three different channels of the same transponder, then tvheadend uses a single tuner, and they also work very well with 4K channels (tested in Digibit R1).

SAT>IP tuners have the advantage that they are not wired or physically connected to the tvheadend server (except the ethernet cable) and can be located anywhere and does not depend on the hardware where tvheadend is installed.

But you’re right, tvheadend only manages the use of SAT>IP tuners and priority, descramble if necessary, cleans and filters the streams (language, teletext, subtitles, etc.), restream with the chosen container (htsp, mp4, ts, matroska, …), and manages the timeshift and recordings.

Sorry for my english bad
I use the Mecool K-series internal DVB tuner, I am properly welding your diagram. But tvheadend does not detect dvb tune .

Dmesg http://ix.io/1KyY

  • CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.0-nightly_20190530-Odroid_N2
  • g12b_a311d_odroid_n2_dvb.dtb
  • dvb latest

Thank you .


1.2 volts added

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Thank you very much, everything works :slight_smile:


CoreELEC:~ # dmesg | grep dvb
[ 10.127747@0] kernel-overlays-setup: processing conf /storage/.cache/kernel-o verlays/50-driver.dvb.dvb-latest.conf
[ 10.171391@0] kernel-overlays-setup: added modules from /usr/lib/kernel-overl ays/driver.dvb.dvb-latest/lib/modules/4.9.162
[ 16.992464@3] dvb_meson dvb: Found i2c-2 adapter: Meson I2C adapter
[ 16.992470@3] dvb_meson dvb: ts0: serial s2p0
[ 16.992558@3] meson-g12a-pinctrl pinctrl@ff634480: pin-69 (dvb) status -22
[ 16.992563@3] dvb_meson dvb: Error applying setting, reverse things back
[ 16.992569@3] dvb_meson dvb: ts0_control: 0x0
[ 16.992571@3] dvb_meson dvb: ts0_invert: 0x0
[ 16.992620@3] dvb_meson dvb: dev_name=avl6862
[ 18.218448@0] dvb_meson dvb: DVB demod detection for i2c-2 (Meson I2C adapter )…
[ 19.434413@2] dvb_meson dvb: Checking for Availink AVL6862 DVB-S2/T2/C demod …
[ 19.434970@0] i2c i2c-2: dvb_meson: found AVL6862 family_id=0x68624955
[ 20.993306@4] i2c i2c-2: dvb_meson: Rafael R912 successfully attached!
[ 20.993315@4] dvb_meson dvb: Total DVB modules found: 1
[ 20.995542@4] dvbdev: DVB: registering new adapter (dvb_meson)
[ 21.004671@2] dvb_meson dvb: DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 0 (Availink avl6862)…
[ 23.431750@4] dvb_frontend: dvb_frontend_get_frequency_limits: frequency inte rval: tuner: 175000000…2150000000, frontend: 175000000…2150000000
[ 23.431761@4] dvb_meson dvb: DVB: adapter 0 frontend 0 frequency 0 out of ran ge (175000000…2150000000)
[ 23.431769@0] dvb_frontend: dvb_frontend_get_frequency_limits: frequency inte rval: tuner: 175000000…2150000000, frontend: 175000000…2150000000
CoreELEC:~ #

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Thanks for this very nice topic
I don’t own an Odroid N2 but a pair of orangePI and a pair of K1pro and would like to ask a few questions:
1 Where can we get the tuner alone
2 Is the K1 pro still useable without the tuner
3 Any chance to try this on an orange PI
4 Could the K1 pro work with 2 tuners
Of course I could try but your advice can spare me a lot of time :smile:

After much follow up on this topic. I made a decision but would like certainty if possible.
The idea is to use the DVB-S2X / S2 / S TV tuner box Mecool M8S PLUS DVB + Odroid N2.
Question @afl1
The connection is made to the DVB-S2X / S2 / S TV tuner of the Mecool M8S PLUS box and the same is done on the KI Pro tuner.
I would like to use only the DVB-S2X / S2 / S TV tuner Mecool M8S PLUS + Odroid N2
Thank you

This topic is about Odroid N2 Extension Connector and possibility connect i2c DVB tuner. Another option is USB DVB tuner and it’s acceptable for any CE box (e.g. Mecool KI Pro).

  1. You can buy Khadas VTV board.
  2. Yes.
  3. No
  4. Yes, second have to be USB DVB tuner.
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Sorry @erbas , I don’t understand your question. If you mean MECOOL M8S Plus DVB-S-S2, this box is unsupported by CE.

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In fact the idea is to use only the tuner of it!
The DVB-S2X tuner and connect the same on the Odroid N2.
Exactly how it was done with KI pro in the first post.
If the process will be the same?

This is a single board box, you can’t dettach dvb tunner. You can use it as a tvheadend server.

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thank you:+1:

Please let me know pin number on wetek play2 tuner.
Thank you.