Which DVB-S2 box for CoreELEC

Yes if we find tsinb pinout on onboard. can add new tuner. But no puplic datasheet k1pro. Other issue we can use vtv board. Afl1 add serial dtb for k series gxl_p230_k1_pro_ser.dtb

The chips onboard the kis and the vtv only allow one tuner at a time. This is a hardware limitation. They are a cheap solution to sat and terrestrial tv but they are intrinsically limited

So my only option is Odroid N2 with twin DVB-S2 tuners…

Which tuners are available for this combination?

This is literally the cheapest and most versatile twin sat tuner solution on the market, its what I use.

Terrestrial tuners are cheap and plentiful.


What software is installed on these systems?

I found an interesting link about how easy it is to set them up :smiley:


They work out of the box without any software setup. They can be a bit twitchy about detecting within TVH but a reboot of CE and the Telestar usually solves that. This was the issue I was facing when I made that original comment on the TVH forum.


Just noticed that they do not support 1Gb LAN :disappointed:


Unbelievable in this day and age…

Yes, with 100 Mbps this can only send 4 HD TV channels simultaneously. Keep in mind that Chinese generic TV Boxes with 1 Gbps ethernet connection do not exceed the effective 150 Mbps.

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I would like to refresh the topic.

I’m looking for new DVB-S2 box that is supported by CoreELEC.

I currently have KI Pro but considering to buy something newer with better CPU. It would be good if the box would be also equipped with digital led display.

I was thinking about Magicsee C400 Plus. Does anyone has this box and can share opinion? Is there is any better DVB-S2 box?

I honestly wouldn’t buy a S912 box right now. If you have the KI already I would wait for DVB-S2 boxes with newer socs. Or go for a combination of N2/vtv board for example.

@cubimol I think you can use Diseqc Controlled motors with the Telestar Digibit R1 if you use the third party https://github.com/perexg/satip-axe firmware. It has a lot more configuration options.

I don’t know much about this, I think that the rotor control are low-level functions that are integrated into the tuner drivers and I haven’t seen anything related to this in satip-axe either. In addition satip-axe is difficult to configure.

Mecool k7 looks interesting

I was wrong - USALS and Diseqc motor control aren’t part of the SAT>IP spec so can’t easily be supported.

I run the satip-axe firmware on my R1 as it lets me configure it more comprehensively than the stock firmware (and as it’s just a USB boot there are no changes made to the system)


Thanks for recommendation. Do you think about S905X2 or S922X box? If so is there any sign that box with built in DVB-S2 will appear on the market soon?


I have been considering Mecool K7 too but can you install CoreELEC on it?


I think so, it’s s905x2. I’m also thinking to get one. Need to find someone who have it to make sure we can run CE and drivers for tuners.

Hi guys,

can anyone confirm by now, that CE and TVHeadend work on Mecool K7?

They are bound to upgrade this to a S905x3 box - can you wait a little.


Hi Shoog,

thank you. I’ve been waiting for so long, so can surely wait a bit longer, but how high is the chance of their new S905X3 box being supported by CE / TVHeadend?

What I saw so far about Mecool K7, didn’t look like it worked due to driver issues etc. Apparently the only CE developer in that department ( @afl1 ) is inactive since a while.

Hopefully you will get a reply to that question.
Its a nice looking package - but its a propitiatory product and there are no guarantees. If its the same board as used in the KI-III then it should just work, but all it needs is for them to change one little thing in the hardware and all bets are off and the driver is likely broken.

This is the specific reason why i jumped off the propitiatory hardware route and went with the standardized SAT > IP path. For a bit more money you get at least two tuners and the guarantee that it will always work in TVH.


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