Which DVB-S2 box for CoreELEC

Yes, often heard about SAT>IP solutions, especially using Telestar Digibit R1, but my understanding was so far, that this would mean a 3-device-solution:

  • SAT>IP server
  • something to run TVHeadend server on
  • some Kodi box that runs TVHeadend client

Now after reading here, it sounds as if two boxes will do too:

  • SAT>IP server (Telestar Digibit R1 or a smaller model with less tuners)
  • any CE box, that runs TVHeadend server and client

Is that correct?

I was considering Ugoos X3 Pro before. If my assumption above is correct, would Ugoos X3 running CE be able to complete that two-device-solution?

Yes you can run the TVH server and Client on the same box, so a two box solution will do fine.
However if you have a NAS it would be better to move the server over to the NAS which is what I now currently do with a Atomic Pi performing all server duties.
I am not familiar with the Ugoo X3 but by the look of it it should do what you need, but with all these cheap Android boxes thermal issues are the weak spot. The Odroid N2/C4 or VIM3 or VIM3L would make excellent boxes for you needs.

Something like this for your SAT>IP , though the tuner I have the Telestar Digibit Twin seems to have gone out of production:

If you need dvb_T/C as well then the Xbox One makes a really good ultra cheap tuner.


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Worth pointing out that the Xbox One USB Tuner has some well reported issues and doesn’t tune some DVB-C/T2 muxes reliably. If it works for you in your area/region - it works.

In my experience it also seems to be quite a lot less sensitive (I got lots of continuity errors with it, whereas other USB and HD Homerun IP tuners fed from the same aerial are 100% error free).

There are other relatively low cost USB DVB-C/T/T2 tuners that are more reliable and only a bit more expensive.

The Xbox one tuner is more sensitive than the tuners found in the mecools and used in the khadas vtv board. Cannot comment on the other issue as it works fine tuning Irish TV.


Ah - Ireland only uses DVB-T not DVB-T2 doesn’t it? (Unless you’re near the border and receiving UK T2 stuff?)

This is correct.

Does anyone know if you can still easily buy any box with built in dvb-s tuner for Coreelec Matrix?

I had Mecool KI Pro with CE Matrix installed and I was happy with it but it stopped working last week. I started looking for a new box but I realised it’s not easy find a box with built in dvb-s tuner on market now that would be available for latest version of Coreelec.

I know that most of people won’t recommend devices with built in tuner but I really want to have only one device that will run both tvheadend client and server so SAT-IP solution is not something that I’m looking for.

I would be grateful if someone could recommend any device with built in dvb-s tuner that you could still buy and can run CE Matrix. So far I only found Magicsee C500 mini it has S905W CPU so I thought there could be a chance to install CE Matrix on it. Does anyone know if there is chance for that?


DVB is not supported anymore and it support will go down in future.
You can buy a older obsolete box with S905X or something similar.

It is definitely recommended to use a alternative like SAT>IP.
One time setup and investment but using it forever without problems.

Thanks for the answer. However as I mentioned in my previous post, I don’t want to have two devices connected to mains and as far as I understand SAT-IP solution would require this.

I noted that internal DVB may go down in future but I would like to buy box with built in DVB-S tuner anyway, therefore my question is if anyone know device that is still available on the market with internal tuner DVB-S that can run CoreELEC Matrix or if “Magicsee C500 mini” will run it?

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Then you have to bear the consequences and do without CE

There is simply nothing that meets all your requirements.


You don’t seem to be getting the message that what you are asking for has been abandoned by manufacturers. The main reason is that these boxes are now primarily used for IPTV and so that is where the money is. The fact that there was only ever a few manufacturers who produced such boxes in the past tells you that it was always a tiny niche market. Almost everyone who uses SAT uses SKY TV boxes.

No matter how many times this question is repeated this will always be the CE teams response.


@Koli please stay on topic or the thread get closed.
Searching for DVB device will be anyway a never ending story…


That’s okay and I fully understand CE team position but if there are users who found device with DVB-S tuner that works with CE Matrix it would be a bonus to know it. Actually device like that exists and it is Mecool KI Pro the problem is that is almost impossible to buy it now.

Which is exactly what I just said.


It’s not about electricity consumption but about limited access to sockets that I have in the room and don’t want to use extensions leads. The box that stopped working (Mecool KI Pro) was used as a second decoder so also don’t want now to replace it with two devices to cover its previous role.