Which Linux is CoreELEC based on?

I don’t use Kodi part. I’m running Tvheadend server inside a docker container. My tv box is running as 7/24 server.

I’m trying to do things in the linux environment. But my god, the OS in CoreELEC is extremely stripped and almost no tutorials work due to missing commands/applets.
This causes spending a lot of time to solve simple things.

Today I tried to install proftpd (I don’t like vsftpd) here are the problems:
1-I couldn’t login as anonymous. After a lot of searching/reading I put the required settings to /storage/.opt/etc/proftpd.conf but no success.
2-After a lot of searching/reading I found out that ProFTPd did not create required user and usergroup.
3-useradd, adduser, groupadd, addgroup nothing works in CoreELEC
4-After a lot of searching/reading I found out that BusyBox used in CoreELEC doesn’t have those commands. Updating busybox from Entware solved this problem.
5-After not being able to add user due to read-only volume, I gave up

Even the simplest task is a lot of frustration. Is there a way to install a more linux-like arm64 OS with DVB drivers included on?

Seems you didn’t even bother to read what CoreELEC is: CoreELEC is a ‘Just enough OS’ Linux distribution based on Kodi.

If you would install ProFTPd addon from Kodi all your troubles would be eliminated.

Not sure about DVB drivers, but you have a bunch of other distributions, like Ubuntu and Armbian.

I read that very well when CoreELEC started as a new project apart from LibreELEC :wink:
But at that time, I was using my tv box quite differently.

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I know them but without DVB drivers, they are useless

There seems to be a misunderstanding. Linux is a kernel not an operating system. Most free open source operating systems are based on GNU. GNU is just a collection of the rest. So if you think linux is the heart. The motor that gets everything going but it takes more to build a human.

CE is not stripped. I bet you can have any software you need if you put enough effort into it on CE. CE is just a minimalistic distribution to make our favorite Mediacenter work ootb.

@Ray Is the Kernel you built for CoreELEC can be used with Armbian?

Not without effort.


Then I will go with Docker + Alpine Linux option

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