Which S905X3?

Due to a storm my trusted MiniMX gave up life, so I am using an M8S Pro W for the time being. Apart from suggesting an Odroid, I am looking at H96 Max X3 and X96 MAX Plus as a replacement. Which one is better? Any other suggestions are more than welcomed!

Hello, if you read through the forum you will see that the X96 and the like are all discouraged, bad, garbage … another option to Odroid is Banane pi m5.

I was reading about them, seems to be mixed feelings. What about going somewhat one level up, to the Beelink GT King with the S922X?

Regarding mixed feelings the mix is simple to explain. Last year they were bought and were reliable (at least as reliable as a no brand Ali device can be). Now, due to the supply shortage of different components, they through in them everything and anything. So now people are complaining more and discovering that they’re Frankenstein devices.
You don’t need to go up, you have a vast selection of X3 available that are CoreELEC supporters also, like the C4, the VIM3L, the bPi.

Thanks! I’ll have a look at those 3 also! One question about the C4, I live in an EU country, which is the best seller for Odroid?

It depends on the country, in central Europe you have pollin.de and others. Look here: Distributors – ODROID

C4 is certainly a great choice.
I have a couple of those, along with N2(+). Excellent hardware for CE imho, have had exactly zero issues. Recommended.

Thank you for the link! :+1:

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In Spain, most Odroi products are not available (temporarily out of stock) and seeing the price it is worth buying it from the Hardkernel company. The Odroid N2Plus took me approximately 1 week from South Korea to Spain, paypal payment of the device and customs shipping costs. Odroid N2Plus works like a charm.

On friday I ordered a N2+ 4Gb from pollin, will be delivered in a few days.
N2+ 2Gb, N2+ 4Gb and C4 are in stock

I don’t know the current situation but pollin usually sends some of the stuff only to central Europe.

Pollin does international shipment (although shipping costs outside EU are very high):

Meanwhile there is also Reichelt selling Odroid, with international shipment:

Pollin doesn’t ship the N2+ to Portugal.

Edit: and it’s only the N2+, the C4 and HC4 seem that can be shipped here. So it’s better to always try because they’ll probably send most of the stuff.

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