Which version for CoreELEC is most recommended?

Hi, I am still using Odroid 9.2.8.

I have tested many of the newer versions but always find some issue.

Anyone happy on a newer version and if so which one?


Just download the latest stable, and do clean installation for fresh start. Also if the current setup is working for you, and the newest versions don’t have anything you need, then I wouldn’t update at all.

Every release I have tested after 9.2.8 upto 20.0 for some reason give me issues on my odroid n2.

The default python stops scanning my movie collection at exactly 52 percent.
And sometimes it locks up at the end of a movie.
With 9.2.8 I have not had any issues the only reason I am wanting to upgrade the version as it looks like there has been many improvements in the video quality of playback.