Which was the last version of CoreELEC to support eMMC on m8s plus p231 S905D?

Does anyone know when the eMMC support was removed from this device?

I have one of these which I installed to eMMC a few years ago. I wanted to try Armbian on this device and could not get this to boot. Nor would LibreELEC. I managed to get LibreELEC to work by copying over the kernel and image to the USB that contained CoreELEC (they both mount STORAGE). But with Armbian it runs uboot and I would not get this to run.

What I found out was that aml_autoscript isn’t run on the device but I am guessing that the old CoreELEC install on the device was runing the cfgload script. So I managed to get Armbian to load by creating a script that would jump to their uBoot.

Does anyone know where the last version that supported the eMMC on the s905d p231 m8s dvb 1G build? I tried a 3.x kernel 9.2 but that didn’t have the eMMC present.

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