Whitelist problem

I have an issue with the whitelist feature of Kodi on CoreELEC 8.95.0. My TV is connected to a Pioneer AVR and a Dreamscreen Ambilight clone. When my s905x box running CE is connected to the tv through the AVR I get a very limited whitelist (no 24HZ modes and so on), when I connect the box directly to the TV I get the “whole” list. Is there any way to make the whitelist permanent so it keeps the supported modes ? Switching to any of those unlisted but supported modes works through the AVR but as I said they are for some reason not detected (my guess is that the ambilight clone messes stuff up there).
I really would like to get the rate switching feature back.

Thanks a whole lot :slight_smile:


This has nothing to do with the whitelist per-se. The problem is most likely with the EDID that the AVR sends to CE.
Read this thread for a way to get around that.

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Thanks for the reply.
I tried this but it still doesn’t work, the modes (i.e. 1080p24hz) are in /storage/.config/disp_cap but not there when you go to whitelist so it seems like whitelist uses somethig else as well. Any idea ?

I agree. Tried too just for the heck of it but no worky.

Does nobody have an idea how to solve this?

What do you power on first? The box or the AVR?

You could try to reboot the Box from the main menu. Afterwards check if you have different resolutions available.

I had a similar problem, with a Yamaha receiver. I speculate the following happens:

turned on the Box, Receiver and TV. The box was “faster” than the TV and AVR, so it did not get correct information about supported resolutions. If I reboot the box, the TV and AVR are already on, ready to send their EDID data. Box gets the correct info about supported resolutions and allows me to select them in the whitelist option.

I also had the same problem and tried overriding the EDID information. Unfortunately it did not work, as already reported @Nanouk and @fjonn. According to LE wiki the correct location for overriding this is not /storage/.config/disp_cap but /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap

I hope this helps