Why is latest CoreELEC on kernel 4.9.269?

as we all know, x86_64 (Linux) are all on kernel 6.2.* or 6.4.* …, to obviously support all these newer Ryzen’s, and Intel Adler this, and Raptor that, and many other devices …, but hey, that’s them and we’re arm here. :wink:

But seriously,
uname -a:

What does the “4.9.269” mean.? is that the linux kernel version for CE’s amlogic/arm-based/aarch64?
(In my case: 20.2-Nexus (Amlogic-ng.arm) Machine model: Hardkernel ODROID-C4).

And yet I commonly see the latest ArchLinuxARM-aarch64 as,
uname -a:

I’m sure Armbian is similar but then again CE is mostly an Amlogic supporting Kodi Linux OS.
Is there a reason why CE is not building/running the latest aarch64 kernel?
I’m jus’ curious, or, admittedly lost in the details of the many supporting architectures within Linux.

Because CoreELEC is using Amlogic vendor kernel, not mainline.
This is the fact CoreELEC is the only one supporting most hardware features as possible for this type of brand. Mainline linux only support a few type of SoC and a low count of hardware features. And these buggy as well. Mainline support ends up with G12A/G12B support.

And latest Amlogic kernel version (hopefully available soon):

R4:~ # uname -a
Linux R4 5.15.78 #3 SMP PREEMPT Thu Dec 7 15:27:35 CET 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux


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Thanks for the quick explanation, and I’m humbled and thankful for CE’s continued hardware support for little things like my Odroid-C4, and my various other TV boxes; Tanix TX5 Plus, X96 MAX, … all of which have S905X3 amlogic cpus/chips in them.
It’s good and right that amlogic vendor kernel provide crucial support for their own devices, which obviously helps their bottom line, and helps CE, for our sake, build upon that, or, as they say:
“Build the software and the hardware will sell itself”, or is that the other way 'round.? :wink:

CE deserves a donation or so for all their work, but again, I’m just a happy user and not a lawyer or whoever, lol.
And, thx for that other update, and hopefully Amlogic’s future kernel version 5.15.* will continue to be a success for us all.
It’d also be nice to see *BSD/Unix enjoy these little (TV-box) things freely as well, but alas, that’s yet another tangent, (business-wise, or otherwise…), for which I’m also not a lawyer lol, and don’t get me goin’ on these overpriced Apples, both food and semiconductors. :exploding_head:

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