Wich Controller/gampad are compatible?

Is there anyway of knowing what dependencies or requirements there are for a controller or gamepad to be compatible with CoreElec, and in my case the Odroid N2?
I am looking for cheap controllers (to start with) and test some NES/SNES/N64 games.

For those games (and others) I use GameSir G3s, about 25-35$ on Aliexpress…
It works perfect, connected and configured as X-Box 360 Controler. Maybe not very cheap, but very well made.

It sounds reasonable! Thanks for the tip

I concur on the Gamesir G3S; they’re well built and you get a choice of using the included dongle, USB cable or bluetooth. Just to note: four G3S controllers, all using issue dongles has problems on my Odroid N2 (chalk it up to the s922x’s many mysterious USB issues)—The fourth dongle gets ignored, but that fourth controller can just be paired over BT just fine. This does not happen on my C2.

Good to know @zang74, thanks! I think I will settle with 2 controllers though! :slight_smile:

I have 3 that each works well.

Tronsmart Mars G01 (dedicated wireless USB dongle).

Momen Mobile Dual Wireless (Bluetooth and dedicated wireless USB dongle) and very long battery life.

Ouya (Bluetooth)

Thanks @Compent!
I will look into these. I jsut need some cheap controls for NES/SNES/N64. I need to introduce the kids to retrogaming instead of that dumb shit they play on their tablets! :slight_smile:

Some of that “dumb shit” is actually quite good and builds heavily on retro gaming (like Cuphead or Oceanhorn). Hell, my 7 year old loves Super MARIO Run.

There are bad console games throughout all of gaming history.

Aliens Colonial Marines, Bomberman Act Zero, Superman 64, Shaq Fu… and let’s not forget the game deemed so bad that hundreds of thousands of brand new cartridges were bulldozed into a landfill; 1982’s “E.T. the Extra Terrestrial”.

I can agree, to some extent. But the stupid stuff is stupid, believe me. A barbie-dress-up-dancing- game and things like that…

I am also using Gamesir, playing SNES and PlayStation 1 games. Works just fine.
But does the vibration work for you? I was playing metal gear solid, and is the settings for the emulator, enabled vibration.
For ps1 emulation I set it is a PlayStation 2 controller with vibration.

Don’t know as I didn’t try vibration, it’s used for games that don’t support vibration.

Btw, when I turn on the Gamesir controller it vibrates…