Widevine install error

Hi, I’m new on this forum so hello to everyone. Hope you’re doing fine in these hard times.

I installed CoreElec the other day on my Beelink GT King and 32GB sd card. Everything is running fine. I’m an experienced Kodi user, so I was able to fix all small issues.

However I’'m having problems to install Widevine. Widevine is required for one of my addons to watch back Dutch TV broadcasts. I’ve tried to install Widevine from the Inputstream Helper setting windows and from the Slyguy repository. But immediately I’m getting an: IO Error: [Errno30] Read-only filesystem u’/usr/lib/kodi/addons/libwidevinecdm.so’.

has anyone experienced this before and can you tell me know how to fix this? Please let me know if you need a logfile.


This is system path to read-only files/folders, and widevine (libwidevinecdm.so) is not placed there. It is usually placed in storage/.kodi/cdm folder

Uninstall present inputstream adaptive and inputstream helper addons.
Reboot and then install inputstream.adaptive v. from here, and inputstream helper v.0.47 (for Leia) from here.
Then install (not reinstall) widevine (libwidevinecdm.so) using inputstream helper.

If you still have problems, install Netflix addon which will automatically install newest libwidevinecdm.so
If everything then works, you can uninstall Netflix addon if you don’t need it…

Thanks for helping me. Widevine is working fine now.

I found out what was causing the issue: it was the settings.xml file from the Inputstream Helper addon. I had copied this file from a Kodi backup on Android. The settings.xml file contained a forbiddden path to the temporary download location.

I’m glad you pointed me into the right direction.