Widevine manual installation?

This is on CE19.4/S905X/Android 7.1.2

Trouble starts with downloading, which takes a few attempts to complete. After that, the dialog simply disappears without further unpacking/installing Widevine.

The log is showing a checksum mismatch

2022-07-11 21:40:15.267 T:4224    FATAL <general>: [script.module.inputstreamhelper] Download failed, checksums do not match!
2022-07-11 21:40:15.278 T:4224  WARNING <general>: [script.module.inputstreamhelper] Recursively create directory '/storage/.kodi/cdm/'.
2022-07-11 21:40:15.284 T:4224    ERROR <general>: [script.module.inputstreamhelper] Widevine CDM is not installed.

Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to trigger the steps manually and separately (downloading the image, extracting stuff, etc)
  2. Since I have another box (S922XJ) with working Widevine, can I simply copy .kodi/cdm perhaps?

Widevine installation is generally handled via inputstream helper.

You always can manually overwrite the libwidevine.so file in ./kodi/cmd/ with a different version of the library. Ensure not to change the directory structure when doing so.

From the log, the problem you are experiencing is related to this:

Download failed, checksums do not match!

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It is not necessary to download the whole image and extract Widevine from it.
Simply download the appropriate file from here: Index of /.decryptmodules/widevine/
Look for versions:
IIRC the first one should work OK. Rename the file to “libwidevine.so” and copy it to ./kodi/cmd/ folder.

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Thanks guys. That was easy. The .kodi/cdm directory on my other box contains many additional files with scary names and I wasn’t sure which of these were needed. None it seems, as things appear to work smoothly on both boxes after copying libwidevine.so from one to the other.

@Betatester Not sure I got your hint with the screenshot. Anything I can do to fix this for the future?

Screen shot is from “Inputstream helper” addon, which is used for Widevine installation. When you install it from Kodi repository run “(Re)install Widevine CDM library” for manual instillation.

Maybe try to re-install the inputstream helper addon from the Kodi repository?

Is this to install widevine L1 to CE so we can get netflix in 4k?

NO! It’s to install WV L3 to watch Netflix in 1080p (although not all material)

L1 can be installed ONLY on Google/Netflix certified devices, and then those have locked boot files so that CoreElec cannot be installed on them.
So, it’s either L1 and no CE, or CE with L3.

Check here for compatibility: GitHub - CastagnaIT/plugin.video.netflix: InputStream based Netflix plugin for Kodi

guys should i rename the file to libwidevine.so or libwidevinecdm.so ? I am confused little bit. If i rename it to libwidevine.so like you are suggesting inputstream helper info shows me Widevine cdm was not found.
And if i rename it to libwidevinecdm.so inputstream helper info shows me correct version of widevine but Netlix does not play videos and telling me it requires update of widevine (even if i use newest lib of widevine).

Let “inputstream helper” (Re)install Widevine and you’ll get proper name and path where it should reside.

i cannot because it freezes halfway and then coreelec reboot itself. I am booting newest version 19.5rc1 from sdcard

Then you have either not enough place on the uSD card, or it’s faulty. Try with another, larger uSD card, and fresh CE installation, because this method should always work if there is enough place on uSD card.
Another thing that could brake installation and reboot CE is overheating of your box…

neither one nor either. I have finally find out cause of this problem - old Android 6 bootloader… so i pasted custom ATV9 ROM on sdcard and flashed emmc. Now widevine installed correctly in Coreelec sdcard thanks to the new bootloader although ATV doesn’t boot from emmc but it is another story (i have read the flashing must be done via usb cable for such big upgrade from A6 to A9 because the partition must be changed into A9-ready. Maybe there is way how it could be done with sdcard but i did not find out it).

my box crashes while i will install widevive va inputstream helper
Got a s905x box with latest CE image on sd card fresh install 19.5 rc2 -Y sideload
all works fine, but i cant use RTL addon, system says no widevine, so i use addon and while loading bar reached nearly the half, freeze, box reboots …

so i tried to install it manually, used a python script to extract latest libwidevinecdm.so, got it und put it in .kodi/cdm bu also dot work, what can i do ?

or is that the wrong path ? should i try .kodi/cdm/libwidevine/ and put there the file in it ?

and why does my box crash ?
does it have something to do with the flash memory and the sd card memory ? the program uses the flash memory and it is too small for this?

kodi.log.txt (81.8 KB)

Nobody else got the issue withb the crash/widevine install? :confused:

Unable to reproduce on Nexbox A95X-B7N (S905X 1/8).

CoreELEC 19.5 RC2 on Kexin 16 Gb μSD.

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