WiFi adapters - problems with all of them

Whatever wifi adapter and chipset I use, and whatever router I connect to, if I try to transfer files over Samba, they fail, get corrupted, or corrupt the disk they are copying to. If I plug an Ethernet connection into my Odroid C4, I never have issues. Also, I plugged in a GL.inet USB router, where the USB port shows up as an Ethernet port, and that works great. Are there known issues with USB Wifi drivers? Is there a known good adapter, preferably a fast, small dual band one?

I found that out a long time ago after a long time of testing and gave up wifi completely for the odroids

Did you try ever with a 2-3m long USB2 extension cable?
Then you can place the WIFI adapter far away from the Odroid.
I expect, this will weaken interferences on the board.

I’ve been using a TP-Link Archer T3U plus (usb 3, AC1300) on one of my N2s for over 3 years. The N2 is mounted to the back of the TV in an area that was inconvenient to run Ethernet. I’ve had no problems with connectivity. I’m sure there are faster options at this point, but it’s been reliable so I’m in no rush to replace it.