Wifi Dongle, on copying file over network, does fine for a few secods, drops, then picks back up

WIFI Dongle is a MT7610U (Archer T2UH) and connected to 5ghz router. On start of copy, speed is decent, then drops to 300k, the 0k, then goes back up to 6MB/s for a few seconds then repeats. I was on 80Mhz ion my router and saw a post about putting it back to 20Mhz would correct it, but that didn’t work either. It is the only thing connected to 5gHz and it is literally 10 feet away with Line of Sight. I was trying to change /etc/connman/main.conf to turn background scanning off but alas the filesystem is read only and remounting it in RW to make the change didn’t work. Anyone else have this problem? Coreelec 9.2.1 Stable

Copying from what to where and to what. ?

I’m trying to copy a file from my server on the moon, to my location here on earth

In that case, your speeds are excellent, no need to change anything.

With the 2700ms round trip ping time to the moon I too agree you are getting a good transfer rate. Obviously transfer rates are dependent on the speed of the source and the speed of device you are trying to write to. some USB flash drive will start writing quickly and slow down once the controller gets overwhelmed. Another thing that will effect transfer rate is the protocol.

I guess you didn’t understand, so i’ll say it again. the wifi connection drops from the router, then picks back up

I understand but depending on how you are testing, have you tried copying to null to see if the wifi is the problem and not the storage you are copying to.

the wifi is the problem. I’m thinking it’s the driver or something. this particular dongle has issues. driver is incomplete

If you’re using Samba services, try the night version. Some bugs surrendered like your issue.

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