Wifi problem on Tanix TX3 Mini


I have just got myself a Tanix TX3 Mini and I have tried with both the stable and nightly, both boot without issues, however it cannot see any wifi, when looking at network after, it shows no device, I do not see the specified model in a search, so it may not be supported.

SD and terminal states it’s 9012p, found nothing with that on google, nothing with wll9086x and then mac80211, does return some results on here, but seems to be bunched with other things aswell and some models different to 9012p.

Any help would be appreciated, I won’t go the usb device root as not putting that much into something that’s for testing/learning and have different box on the way aswell.



WiFi is not supported on this device and never will be, no driver is available, it’s been this way for 3 years now.

ahh, ok as the posts i did see was to do with the fake chip that’s different number to mine, that’s pretty crappy that i’ve wasted money on it

hmm, I used my TX3 Mini with no problems at all with Wifi on both Coreelec and Emuelec

But that was the first generation mini, direct from Tanix

My hunch is there are a bunch of clones now using different chips.

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