Wii U Gamepad Streaming - Running Ubuntu, etc

Sorry first post, and to be honest not sure if these sort of posts are on the forum. No problem if it gets deleted!


I’m not a programmer or have any real experience so really just tinkering on a project. I am looking trying to test a piece of software called drc-sim [by rolandoislas] a Wii U streaming to a client. Idea is to run it on server Amlogic box(s905x3) in Corelec then stream Wii U console output to a client. See if it ‘works’ on the hardware and gets some learning across Docker, SSH, Corelec,etc.

Option 1

Run Docker container - ubuntu with a VNC server to see the GUI app. This is straightforward to setup and works ok to display app but can’t the get the Wifi chip to show in AP mode. Wifi just seems sketchy on linux in general depending on chipset. The USB is accessible so may just be a case of testing a usb wifi adaptor(s).

Option 2

Install the DRC-SIM app via SSH on Corelec. Then push that display output to a display? I can’t get this to work though.

Option 3

Run Ubuntu on Corelec. There’s an X11 type script here somewhere but it was so slow to install

Option 4

Write a Kodi add-on? Steep learning curve there but I think the software is already in Python.


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