Wireguard connman problems

I have been running wireguard server for awhile and it works with all my clients. However now I wanted to get it to work on coreelec aswell.
I am able to setup the connection and i see in the server client is connected but I can’t get traffic through. Routing looks ok aswell.

Have tested it on two coreelec instances running 19.2 matrix and one 9.2.8, same problem at both places. I really do not see the problem.

Normal WireGuard client conf which works with a regular wireguard client
Address =
PrivateKey = XXXX

PublicKey = XXXX
AllowedIPs =
Endpoint = x.x.x.x:41721
PersistentKeepalive = 25

Converted to connmanctl format:
Type = WireGuard
Name = WireGuard
Host = x.x.x.x
WireGuard.Address =
WireGuard.PrivateKey = XXX
WireGuard.PublicKey = XXX
WireGuard.DNS =
WireGuard.AllowedIPs =
WireGuard.EndpointPort = 41721
WireGuard.PersistentKeepalive = 25

route after connmanctl sets up link:
default dev wg0 scope link dev eth0 scope link src dev eth0 scope link via dev eth0

EDIT: solved, you can not use a DNS adress a hostname in HOST

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