With VPN Manager for OpenVPN (6.3.7) active i can't connect with enigma2 receiver

Hi all,

I’ve a weird issue, I’ve recently put in a second router, second router is on different subnet then the E2 box. When the VPN is active, i lose connection to the E2 box. If I connect the Coreelec box to the same router as the E2 box, i’ve no issue with connecting to E2 box when the VPN is active.

I’ve gone through the setting on the OpenVPN, but can’t see why its blocking the connection.

Anyone any ideas?

Many thanks Paul

I have same setup, connecting two subnets with own router together by a wireguard connection. I had similar issues, or better I still have it. If I enable a VPN service of one PC this one is not reachable anymore because it switch to another subnet. So you will need to make there a bridge again.
But I am really no IT expert. First I did try it also with OpenVPN but it was not doable at all. Wireguard is much faster and easier to config.
Like with OpenVPN I got only about 5MBit connection, with Wireguard it’s much more.

Which wireguard client/app are you using?

On router I use Openwrt, on clients there is a APP. Trust me, I was a OpenVPN user for years, wireguard is just awesome to configure and use.

I have one LAN with 192.168.2.x and another with 192.168.1.x
They are connected together by Wireguard.
The trick was to move the Wireguard client/server into same firewall zone like LAN.
On the Wireguard server it is needed to add in list of allowed IPs.

Now I have access in both directions from both subnets.

Cheers for this, eventually i got my openwrt router setup. I’m using PIA VPN and wasted far to much time trying to get WG setup, PIA don’t provide WG config files, but there are workarounds available, which are dodgy and intermittent. Ended up setting on OVPN on the router and used PBR to divert traffic i didn’t want going through the VPN. All stable for now anyway.
thanks again Paul

I was also not able to configure WG by myself but there are scripts exists.
When they are run all is configured correctly and you will only need to finish the setup.

Yeah i used the Python scripts to export the WG config files but it only intermittently worked, ovpn is stable and the speed i am getting is good enough for what i need. it’ll do for now anyway. I’ll keep on eye on PIA news, hopefully down the road they’ll have a stable manual setup for WG available.

cheers again

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