Working bluetooth dongle for Harmony?

I have an Odroid N2 and I bought the dongle that’s available on Ameridroid and paired it with a Logitech Harmony hub, but since it doesn’t have a fixed MAC address every time I reboot the pairing is broken.

On the Ameridroid shop page they suggest a utility to change the MAC, but that doesn’t survive reboots or unplug/plugs either.

I even tried to just pair every MAC combination (it seems like there’s only about 6 or so), but the Harmony wants to connect to the specific MAC last paired in the activity.

Is there a dongle that’s known to work with pairings that survives reboots?

Update: The Insignia USB Bluetooth adapter that Best Buy carries works just fine, and has a stable MAC address. I would not recommend the dongle that Ameridroid sells if you’re trying to pair with a Harmony.