Working box with internal DVB-T/T2 tuner

Does anyone use CE with box and internal DVB-T/2 tuner?
If so, what exact version of CE does it use?
I’m asking because I’m trying to add a box to CE, but I have a problem with the kernel module (aml_fe)
of the TBS and CC addons. This module causes a kernel crash even without any changes to the dtb/dts file. This is the dmesg from the command: modprobe aml_fe (no dvb entries added to the dtb file):
This is what it looks like with my attempts to change the dtb file:

I will try to check it on the CE version which has no problem with the aml_fe module.

I am using TBS5520SE With CE 20 and 21.Internal drivers are available.
In the CE ng versions, with Crazycat

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