Worthwhile to Upgrade?

I have a Beelink GT1 Ultimate (2 actually) and they run perfectly fine. I stream off my WD MyCloudEX2 NAS server, some movies (ie Marvel movies) are 4k 10bit SDR around 10,000kb/s x265, and they run smoothly, no glitches or stutters.

Only reason I am thinking of upgrading is that support is gone for this model, and no more updates. I’m not sure what’s come out or been added since this was last upgraded or if it’s worth it.

I just use Kodi, for movies/tv so I don’t need/want a $300CAD Nvidia or something overkill like that. I think I paid $80CAD on sale for my Beelink GT1 Ultimate, looking to spend the same or less if I do upgrade. Shame, the latest version of what I have, the Beelink GT King II is like $180CAD else I’d get that but, looks like popularity upped their prices.

Just curious though… am I missing anything by not upgrading? is mine lacking the ability to do anything audio/video wise? is the latest Kodi better?

If I did upgrade, I see S905 but lots of variants… S905x, x2, x3, x4, x5, d, d2…S922x I assume is the latest given the prices. Any recommendations?

If helps, I have a 55" TCL tv that has Dolby Vision and HDR10, but I always get the 10bit SDR because the HDR always looks kinda, dull.

I’m also stuck on CE 9.2.8 due to old hardware. When I do upgrade, I’m looking at the Homatics Box R 4K Plus / Dune HD Homatics Box R 4K Plus which is getting a lot of attention on this site. Wouldn’t have also minded getting the Minix Neo U22-XJ Max. A lot of people here would recommend the C4, N2 or N2+ but then you need to cater for BT/WiFi using external adapters or go for wired connections.

As to why upgrade your media player, you’d probably notice some of your add-ons are not updating anymore or retrieving less streams. Perhaps a higher Bluetooth version, WiFi6 capability, Dolby Atmos / Vision capability.

Im hoping for hardkernel to come out with something nice, dv will be unlikely i guess. Love my c4 but things move on, im in no rush though, not got an 8k tv and wont for a while, see youtube has 12k content now. Tbf something like a c4 would probably hold you over or get the homatics if you really want dv.

I think my only concerns are with KODI and ADDDON updates, and audio/video playback.

I have a CAT6 ethernet connection and stream from my NAS. Apart from YouTube, no streaming. Never used Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.

Honestly, this box could probably do a lot of cool stuff I don’t know about, I just never really gave it a try. I hopped into the OS (Android) and it was just a slow hard to control/navigate mess and never used it since. :smiley:

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