Worthy Upgrade?

Hey all.

Currently i have…

N2 Front room
Mecool KM9 Pro Bedroom
X96 Mini Kitchen
X96 Mini Kids room

The X96 units are becoming a pain to use as they have the s905w chipset, they are a bit clunky and slow, but to be fair do what they are intended for, streaming live tv and watching the occasional episode. Plus they are stuck on the legacy CE like the Mecool.

Im keeping the N2 for now, but was thinking of swapping the other 3 out for X96 Max Plus Ultra with the S905X4 Chipsets, as they are relatively cheap now and would be nice to have them all the same as easier for setting up.

From what i have read i think they will support latest version CE and up.
Plus i can sell the others, and the mecool still goes for a bit on ebay not sure why?

Good idea or not, your thoughts?

I like the Homatics s905x4 box. It supports Dolby vision and it’s not that much slower in the gui than my N2 and N2+ for my requirements. The advantage being DV and NE CoreElec support.

You can try those based on S905W2, I too upgraded from X96 mini to S905W2, and am quite satisfied, in terms of heat and performance gain.
I have another S905X3 box, IMO newer S905W2 is somehow in par with it, I know for scoring they are different but for media playback those two are the same to me.

Yeah that Homatics thing is a bit expensive, ill need 2 or 3 of them for spare rooms.

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