Wrong Date and Time Coreelec

In my Khadas vim3 with latest version CoreElec, after shutdown and restart the date set to 4 or 5 years ago.
Setting NTP is the solucion?

That will be the BIOS date from when it was last flashed. Possibly the battery is empty on the board and needs to be replaced. NTP will correct the time when entering Kodi but wrong time and date will probably be set on each restart if you don’t replace the battery.

ah. need battery! I don´t Know!!


Well. Reinstaled AndroidTV into EMMC and reinstaled Coreelec into SD.
When start Android, set automaticaly correct date an time
If start from SD (Coreelec) the date is 2019
---->conected SSH to Coreelec and try… ntpd -d -n -q -p 0.es.pool.ntp.org ---->
and the answer is… Alarm clock
---->ntpd cannot set time / error message “Alarm clock”
the way to modify autostart.sh and include this command not see posible.

Did you use CoreElec Configuration addon to check/set NTP Servers? There you can set 3 servers, and usually they are already set by proper CoreElec installation.
Which servers do you have listed there?

problem solved.
Now Khadas vim3 & CoreElec work very well, the problem was from INTERNET CONECTION. The provider failed and also problems coreelec, in the Salon TV the Amazon Prime video not show images. All works me very well.-
Too much hours testing SBC they have served me a lot to learn use Krescue and install CoreElec to EMMC.
Let’s see if in a few months I don’t have to touch anything again, I won’t remember the bloody buttons to press :slight_smile:

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