Wrong resolution on each (cold)boot

I own a Odroid N2 and loving it so far…

I do have an issue at this point with this device. Each time the N2 (cold)boots CoreElec it has not set the correct resolution.

I turn the N2 on (put in powerplug) and after that the TV turn’s on correctly with HDMI-CEC. But then it has a weird stretched 720P resolution. Each time I have to re-set the below settings to get a good screen setup and reboot the N2. With a reboot (warm-boot?) the settings do not get affected to the weird 720P resolution.

I set up the following in Kodi:

Whitelist: 3840x2160p 60Hz
Resolution: 3840x2160p

Disable noise reduction: off
Tone map SDR to HDR: off
Tone map HDR to SDR: off
Limit display colour depth to 8-bit: off
Use 4:2:2 colour subsampling: on
Disable GUI scaling: on
Enable HEVC seek workaround: on (to make Hyperion-ng work)



Extra software installed on system:
Hyperion-ng (because regular Hyperion does not work).

Anybody an idea what the issue could be? I’m kind off leaning to a boot resolution setting that is not set?

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looks same trouble than here: https://discourse.coreelec.org/t/how-to-force-gui-resolution/5439
I don’t know if there is a way to wait the screen on, before CE boot and choose resolution

Set the resolution in boot.ini perhaps.

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If you are using HDMI, then you can set any initial resolution you want in config.ini file in the root folder of your uSD card. Look at the section “HDMI custom mode

Enter these commands in your /storage/.config/autostart.sh file (if the file doesn’t exist then create it):

# set resolution for best performances with little CPU/GPU warming
fw_setenv hdmimode 1080i50hz
fw_setenv outputmode 1080i50hz
echo 1080i50hz > /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap

Note: Change the 1080i50hz resolution for the one you want, as long as it is supported by your TV and the working temperature of your processor (command: cputemp) is not very high.

PS.- Maybe someone thinks that this advise is bad but it works well since January 2019 on all kinds of devices, amlogic and amlogic-ng. CoreELEC will always start with the indicated resolution even when the TV is turned off and interference will never occur due to unexpected resolution changes.

First of all you all have fallen into an ancient thread.
Second the advice is bad.

Yeah I missed the date when I posted, I didn’t necropost on purpose.

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