X88 King some res/freq issuse

I have X88 King(S922X,4G/128G), Connect to HDMI3(1.4/2.0) Of My Sharp TV 70SU578A。
When I set the HDMI version of TV to 1.4, CE display correctly at 4K/30HZ and 4K/25HZ.
But I’d like the higher freq on my TV, so I change the TV HDMI version to 2.0.
After then, CM display correctly only in 4K/60Hz and 4K/50Hz. When I set display model to 4K/(23.98/24/ 25/ 30HZ), my TV tell me there’s no device connected at HDMI.

When I boot from Android in EMMC, All the display mode are supported, include 23.98/24/25/30Hz at 4K Res.

3 days ago ,my TV notice me that it had done the upgrade job while I was tweaking my CE. everything was OK after I reboot TV twice.
So, that’s the problem of my TV?

I would start by getting a good HDMI cable that is HDMI High Speed certified.
But in the meantime, you can enable the 4:2:2 option in CoreELEC tab in System.

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